Wreaths & Garlands

Konstsmide indoor Christmas wreaths and garland bring an instant festive feeling to any home and are available in a range of finishes. The latest additions to this range are the Konstsmide twig wreaths with lights that have been carefully wound into the wooden sections to create a simply gorgeous and crafty look.

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Konstsmide 2708 5m Amber LED Pre Lit Spruce Garland

Add a natural appearance to your Christmas decorations with this faux foliage, its dense spruce is highlighted nicely by its inset LED lights
£46.15 £43.95

Konstsmide 2724-000 LED Spruce Garland - 120 Warm White LED

With over 100 bright bulbs covering the length of these charismas lights, a warm and festive glow can be assured for your home or garden
£52.49 £49.99

Konstsmide 2753-000 45cm Spruce Wreath - 40 Warm White LED

Give a festive glow to your home with these Christmas lights, their warm white colour will add a bright welcoming presence
£34.60 £32.95

Konstsmide 2754-000 Spruce 40cm Battery Operated Wreath

Decorate your doorway in the festive style with this green foliage inspired wreath inset with bright and warm LED lights
£30.43 £28.98

Konstsmide 2755 60cm 60 Warm White LED Spruce Wreath

The powerful bulbs that are used to make these fun and festive wreath lights have up to 50,000 hours of life in them which is great for use year after year
£41.46 £39.49

Konstsmide 2759 45cm LED Pre Lit Battery Heart Spruce Wreath

The dense green foliage is nicely highlighted by the subtly inset LED lights that pepper this natural looking festive home feature
£35.23 £33.55

Konstsmide 2891 Gold Metal LED Wreath

This wreath offers a modern take on the traditional Christmas wreath that will make a welcomed addition to the home
£30.08 £28.65

Konstsmide 6221-200 White Wooden Twig LED Wreath

An elegant and festive addition to any doorway with bright and warm LED bulbs illuminating the twiggy structure of this Christmas wreath
£40.41 £38.49

National Tree Co. 9' x 10" Dayton Pine Garland

The National Tree Co. 9' x 10" Dayton Pine Garland is a gorgeous piece perfect for displaying on mantle pieces or across windows sills.
£39.89 £37.99

National Tree Co. 24" Windsor Pine Wreath

The National Tree Co. 24" Windsor Pine Wreath is a lovely large wreath that utilises 100 thick branch tips to create a full and fluffy decoration.
£35.69 £33.99

National Tree Co. 24in Cleveland Fir Wreath

This artificial Christmas wreath features realistic branch tips that feel like the real thing and would make a great adornment to your front door
£36.74 £34.99