Why choose Konstsmide outdoor lighting?

Konstsmide are a premium outdoor lighting company that prides itself on quality and design. They are a Swedish based manufacturer that offer an extensive catalogue that is familiar with the minimalist Scandinavian appeal.

Their widespread catalogue covers styles from traditional lamps to contemporary and modern wall-mounted lanterns. The great thing about Konstsmide lighting is that you can select from a vast range for your landscaping. Lamp posts range in small and large sizes and can be a great corner piece, or entryway into your garden. Place pathway lights within your outdoor space to illuminate walkways on dark nights. These sets make great garden accent spots and can be brought together to create themes for your garden.

Wall lights that shine in an upwards and downwards directed can be mounted on the outside of your home to create an impressive effect across your building. Premium quality solar pathway lights are energy efficient and are a recent introduction into the collection.

PIR lights often have a timer that allows the period when the light comes on to vary according to your needs and then switch off automatically. When placing one on your driveway, you may need the timer to keep it illuminated for the length of time it takes for you to park your car, get out, and lock it, and then finally switch off when you enter your home.

Movement sensors make lighting cost effective to run as they often have low energy LED bulbs. They provide extra safety around your home and for the garden as they automatically illuminate when you trigger it. It is important when siting your outdoor lighting to consider the range of light output when positioning to maximise its effectiveness. When you are siting a light with a movement detector or PIRs, they often need to be positioned correctly to pick up movement, yet you don’t want them illuminating for everything that passes.

Security is another consideration as it is proven that adequate outdoor lighting can be a deterrent for intruders. Many of these ranges are designed for the domestic and commercial market and are ideal for schools, offices, new sites and local authority buildings. The quality, design and skill of Konstsmide products stands out and shows the years of experience in producing outdoor lighting.

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