What’s special about Konstsmide Christmas Lights?

Konstsmide are a Swedish company who specialise in a broad collection of high-quality Christmas and outdoor lighting.

The story of the company starts back fifty years ago as traditionally the Swedish would celebrate Christmas by lighting candles on Christmas trees. However, there was an influx of house fires due to the nature of timber used in housing in Sweden. As a result of this, Konstsmide had thought of the idea of designing the very first electric candle light. These light sets feature clips that fasten onto the tree foliage of the Christmas tree safely. This invention then led onto the development of candle bridges and then the rest of their impressive catalogue that is used today.

Their Scandinavian style is maintained within their design and enables you to create a fairy tale look within your garden or living space. Outdoor connectable lighting systems can create magnificent bespoke displays around your shrubbery and landscaping areas with a maximum of 1040 LED lights from one plug socket.

Konstsmide Christmas decorations are perfect for any occasion as they feature stock that is for both indoor and outdoor use. This is measured through the IP rating of the product. An IP20 rating is suitable for indoor use within your home, and an IP40 rating means it is weatherproof and suitable to bring festive illumination within your garden. 

Icicle lights can be used outdoors to transform your home into a glacial wonderland. They feature blue coloured bulbs and white cabling which creates a frosted atmosphere and makes them perfect for the winter season. Place their selection of festoon lighting within your garden for social events such as weddings as they make great adornments for parties. Their range of fairy lights are available in different sizes and are a perfect accompaniment to your Christmas tree. Battery powered lights bring you versatility as there is no need for an abundance of wiring around your home. You can even add LED illuminated acrylic figures to your home that range from snowmen, penguins, reindeers, to Santa Claus to complete the festive mood.

The difference between Konstsmide Christmas lighting and other alternatives is the quality and size of the LED diode and seals. Their robust wiring is durable, and each lighting set has been through thorough independent testing. Most importantly, they are all manufactured for life after the festive season, meaning you will be using them every festive season.

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