Wall Lights

The garden wall light is a classic staple of garden design no matter the style you are aiming to acheive. Within the Konstsmide wall light range there are modern classics, traditional lamps, and even ultra contemporary options, so there is definitely something for everyone. Where Konstsmide lighting wall lights differ from other brandsĀ is in their quality, with select ranges including an impressive 25 year warranty.

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Firenze Wall Mounted Garden Light Konstsmide 7236

The Firenze Wall Mounted Garden Light Konstsmide 7236 is perfect for proving the exterior of your home with an illumination of light so you garden looks just as stunning by night as it does by day.
£69.30 £66.00

Konstsmide 401 Classic Heimdal Dome Topped Outdoor Wall Light

This external wall lamp comes in two different sophisticated matte finished of black or aluminium both of which are protected against corrosion
£153.30 £146.00

Konstsmide 404 Classic Heimdal Matte Black Outdoor Dome Wall Light

This external wall light is a great way to illuminate anything from a lock on a door to a garden, a practical feature for the winter months
£113.92 £108.50

Konstsmide 406 Classic Nova Aluminium Outdoor Wall Light

This external wall light comes in three different colour options of aluminium, painted white or painted black, all of which have a matte finish
£231.00 £220.00

Konstsmide 409-310 Sol Garden Wall Light

Taken from the Konstsmide Lighting range, this Konstsmide Sol 409 garden wall light makes a great addition to the outside of your home, and you can be assured of the quality of this garden wall light fitting as it even includes the Konstsmide 25 year warranty.
£292.75 £278.81

Konstsmide 412 Classic Vega LED Outdoor Wall Lamp

This outside light comes with a choice of material and colour finish that offers the choice between white or black aluminium, steel and copper
£159.39 £151.80

Konstsmide 415 Classic Mani Aluminium Outdoor Wall Light

This simple and elegant external wall light comes in 3 different colour options of black, white or aluminium and all come with a matte finish
£103.95 £99.00

Konstsmide 432 Classic Copper Fenix Hanging Outdoor Wall Light

This external wall light has tinted glass which when paired with the warmly coloured copper creates an antique effect appearance
£198.45 £189.00

Konstsmide 433 Classic Fenix Copper Outdoor Wall Lantern Light

This wall mounted light uses a combination of glass tinted for a smoky effect and the warm colour of its copper material to give it an antique look
£207.44 £197.56

Konstsmide 434 Classic Benu 2ft Outdoor Wall Light

This handmade lantern lamp with tinted glass offers a bright glow that will easily illuminate even the largest of gardens or driveways
£152.25 £145.00

Konstsmide 435 Classic Benu Outdoor Hanging Lantern Light

This light comes in two different finishes of a matte black painted aluminium or a bright galvanised steel, both contrast well with the tinted glass
£168.63 £160.60

Konstsmide 438 Classic Copper Fenix Lantern Outdoor Wall Light

This lantern style of light has been made out of solid copper which provides a strong and resilient structure with a warm presence
£194.04 £184.80

Konstsmide 439 Classic Benu Galvanised Steel Outdoor Wall Light

This steel treated with a hot dip galvanising treatment to ensure that it will remain robust and strong for many years to come
£131.67 £125.40

Konstsmide 440 Classic Benu Galvanised Steel LED Outdoor Wall Light

This outside light is powered by a bright LED bulb that has a life expectancy of 30,000 hours which will keep your home well illuminated
£189.42 £180.40

Konstsmide 480 Cassiopeia Aluminium Wall Light

The Konstsmide 480 Cassiopeia Aluminium Wall Light will add a soft glow of light to any home for a more welcoming feel and will last years to come. This Cassiopeia 480 Garden Wall Light is constructed of Lacquered Aluminium and Smoked Acrylic and includes a 25 year manufacturers warranty.
£110.78 £105.50

Konstsmide 480 Cassiopeia Garden Aluminium Wall Light

£110.78 £105.50

Konstsmide 481 Classic Pallas 2ft Aluminium Outdoor Wall Light

This embellished lantern has a had its conical construction adorned with solid aluminium features such as the spearheads at its top and bottom
£125.41 £119.44

Konstsmide 483 Classic Pallas Hanging Outdoor Wall Light - Traditional

This cone shape of this hanging lantern light combines with the topper to ensure that the light is concentrated downwards for practicality
£122.85 £117.00

Konstsmide 496 Classic Orion Aluminium Orb Wall Mounted Outdoor Light

This lamppost has a modern touch to its design with a fully round glass ball at its peak optimising the illumination the bulb inside is capable of
£98.18 £93.50

Konstsmide 510 Tyr Garden Wall Light

The Konstsmide 510 Tyr Garden Wall Light is a traditional garden wall light that would look perfect on the side of any house and adding a soft glow of light and enhance the security around your home during the night.
£166.32 £158.40

Konstsmide 518 Classic Pallas Aluminium Outdoor Wall Light

This outside wall light features traditionally style spearhead detailing at both its top and on the bottom of its conically shaped design
£132.82 £126.50

Konstsmide 519 Classic Pallas Hanging Outdoor Wall Light – Conical

This stylish and modern hanging lantern comes in two colours of either black or white which are both complimented by the tint of the glass
£140.91 £134.20

Konstsmide 553 Castor Garden Wall Light

A hexagonal inspired design for a wall light, this geometric wall mounted light can light your way home throughout the darkest days of the winter months
£63.52 £60.50

Konstsmide 556 Vega Aluminium Down Garden Wall Light

A charming external light that can illuminate the walls of your home, perfect for coming home in the darker winter months
£106.60 £101.52

Konstsmide 556-250 Vega Wall Light in Matt White

Lighting is just important outside the home as it is inside and the Konstsmide Vega 556 Outdoor Wall Light will give your garden a personal touch and provide you with a glow of light all year.
£99.22 £94.50

Konstsmide 566 Classic Pallas Aluminium Flush Outdoor Wall Light

This external wall mountable light comes in either black or white, and both of these monochrome shades come in a matte finish
£132.82 £126.50

Konstsmide 571 Virgo Garden Wall Mounted Up Lighter

A wall mounted light perfect for guiding you home during the darker evenings and nights of winter
£130.20 £124.00

Konstsmide 573 Virgo Garden Post Light

Illuminate your garden with a fantastic range of outdoor garden lights from the Konstsmide range that will illuminate your garden all year round
£333.90 £318.00

Konstsmide 7011 Modern Cagliari Aluminium Outdoor Wall Light

This light is fixed flush against the wall in the style of a traditional wall lamp complete with a reflective circular plate to amplify the light
£33.50 £31.90

Konstsmide 701-320 Mode LED Wall Light

The Konstsmide 701-320 Mode LED Wall Light will add an illumination of light to the exterior of your home that will stand the test of time thanks to the vandal proof construction that comes complete with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.
£244.86 £233.20