Tree Fairy Lights

Create any theme in your home this Christmas with tree fairy lights that are available in a wide range of colours for stunning illumination.

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String lights are staple festive decoration in British homes for dressing up Christmas trees as they complete the look. They feature flexible cabling to allow you to easily wrap them around any stair banister or door frame. Bright white coloured bulbs are great to create a wintry aesthetic or can contrast well with modern decorations. Our IP44 outdoor approved battery-operated sets feature a timer functionality which powers them on for a set time during the night, and then switches them off during daylight to save energy. Mains powered sets feature a low voltage transformer that warrants it safe to use and keep switched on for longer periods of time.

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Konstsmide 1465 60 Amber Micro LED Clusters

The metallic colours of the cable connecting the amber LED bulbs reflects the light in a bright way that enhances their general appearance
£21.52 £20.50

Konstsmide 3612 120 Micro LED Christmas Tree Fairy Lights

These indoor outdoor fairy lights come with an array of options for cable colour, twinkling effect and a choice between white and a warm white
£25.67 £24.45

Konstsmide 3613 200 LED Christmas Outdoor Fairy Light Set

There are two colour options for this set of Christmas fairy lights of a clear white or a warm white, both of which offer a clear illumination
£39.32 £37.45

Konstsmide 3615 120 White Multifunctional Micro LED Tree Lights

Set your home apart from the rest with these high quality and bright set of Konstsmide festive tree lights
£20.99 £19.99

Konstsmide 3631 Micro LED 120 Fairy Light Set

Traditionally festive these fairy lights are made up of bulbs that promise over 50,000house of uninterrupted life
£25.19 £23.99

Konstsmide 3633 240 Micro LED Multicoloured Christmas Lights

£55.07 £52.45

Konstsmide 3640 LED Amber Twinkling Fairy Light Set

The warm and bright amber colour of these bulbs will emit a cosy ambient glow that will enhance any home, a perfect feature for the festive season
£29.39 £27.99

Konstsmide 3644-800 400 Amber Micro LED Tree Light Set

Spread an enchanting glow around the home this Christmas with this festive and bright Konstsmide amber micro LED tree light set
£34.64 £32.99

Konstsmide 3645 LED 500 Bulb Micro Fairy Tree Lights

These durable fairy lights come in two different colours and have the ability to withstand conditions outdoors as well as indoors
£50.39 £47.99

Konstsmide 3646 LED 600 Bulb Micro Fairy Tree Lights

There is an option for the white coloured LED bulbs that make up these fairy lights of either a natural white, or a warm tinted version
£64.04 £60.99

Konstsmide 3680 80 LED Cherry Christmas Light Set

These fairy lights feature perfectly round cherry bulbs that come in three bright colour option of a warm white, red or multi-coloured
£24.10 £22.95

Konstsmide 3691 Mini LED 80 Cherry Tree Lights

Quaint fairy lights with cherry inspired bulb shapes, there is a colour option between red, white, warm white and multi-coloured
£20.42 £19.45

Konstsmide 3693 160 Warm White LED Cherry Christmas Lights

Add a warm festive glow to the home this Christmas with these high quality Konstsmide Warm White LED Cherry Christmas Lights
£31.01 £29.53

Konstsmide 3698 Red and Blue 80 LED Colour Changing Cherry Light Set

A modern take on the festive fairy light decoration with cherry shaped bulbs that gradually transition from red to blue
£22.52 £21.45

Konstsmide 3699 80 LED Changing Multi Colour Cherry Light Set

Fantastically fun these fairy lights have a modern design that features cherry round bulbs of a variety of colours that have an almost neon shine
£40.78 £38.84

Konstsmide 3728 Battery Operated 80 LED Fairy Light Set

Classic style of fairy lights but with the bonus of modern manufacturing and design these festive lights can be left outside all year
£20.99 £19.99

Konstsmide 3729 Battery Operated 120 LED Outdoor Fairy Light Set

This set of fairy lights features bright LED bulbs with each one offering up to 50,000 hours’ worth of illumination
£20.99 £19.99

Konstsmide 3730 Battery Operated 240 LED Fairy Light Set

These fun fairy lights will last year after year with their bulbs promising up to 50,000 hours of life, perfect for multiple Christmases
£41.99 £39.99

Konstsmide 3773 5m Amber Mini Rope Light Set

This rope light is a continuous transparent tube that shines a bright interrupted light that provides a perfect ambience for the festive season
£19.47 £18.54

Konstsmide 6060 120 LED Christmas Fairy Lights

These festive fairy lights are perfect for decorating anything a tree and they come in three different colours also or red, white and warm white
£34.12 £32.50

Konstsmide 6070 200 LED Christmas Tree Fairy Lights

These bright fairy lights feature 200 LED powerful bulbs along its length with a 50,000 hour life that either come in red or multi coloured
£40.37 £38.45

Konstsmide 6315 Amber Tree Light with Top Star

A fashionable and modern display of Christmas tree lights that hang down in vertical strands from the pinnacle star that adorns the top of these festive lights
£38.59 £36.75

Konstsmide 6332 590 Multi-colour LED Slow Cluster Light Set

Branching out from either side of its wire are hundreds of multi-coloured LED bulbs, each with a life of up to 50,000 hours
£54.06 £51.49

Konstsmide 6339 200 Amber Micro LED Cluster Light Set

This festive set of fairy lights features bright bulbs that extend from either side of the flexible cable they’re attached to
£28.30 £26.95

Konstsmide 6367 30 Amber LED Tree Light Set with Green Cable

These fashionable Christmas tree lights feature cherry round bulbs that emit bright rays of amber light that gives a warm glow to everything around it
£34.07 £32.45

Konstsmide 6369 50 Amber LED Tree Light Set with Green Cable

These fairy lights cascade down from their hoop top to form streams of cherry shaped bulbs that emit a warm amber light
£45.15 £43.00

Konstsmide 6377 36 Amber Micro LED Tree Light Set with Silver Cable

This arrangement of Christmas tree lights includes 5 streams of bright LED bulbs which hang down from the top of this set of festive lights
£33.11 £31.53

Konstsmide 6379 60 Amber Micro LED Tree Light Set with Silver Cable

The delicate bulbs featured on this set of tree fairy lights are powerful despite their size, with each one having a life of 50,000 hours
£36.17 £34.45

Konstsmide 6381 200 Amber Micro LED Light String Set

The bulbs used to create these glowing fairy lights are smaller than average but no less powerful with each bulb having a life of 50,000 hours
£30.40 £28.95

Konstsmide 6520 App Controlled 240 LED Tree Light Set

This set of Christmas tree lights includes a modern design feature of being remote controlled via an app that can be downloaded to any mobile phone
£60.36 £57.49