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Konstsmide Christmas table decorations offer the finishing touches to sideboards, mantelpieces, and more importantly, Christmas dinner table decorations. We offer a range of delicate lights to run along the table and weave into flower arrangements along with popular LED tree silhouettes.

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Konstsmide 1203 Small Acrylic LED Candy Tree with Warm White Light

A bright and festive table decoration this candy coloured tree is self-illuminated for a cheerful and optimistic presence
£25.71 £24.49

Konstsmide 1204 Candy Tree 35cm Warm White Light with LED Timer

This miniature Christmas tree would make a great decoration to any table or window, its self-illuminating nature gives a touch of festive spirit
£32.08 £30.55

Konstsmide 1205 Small Rotating Christmas Tree with Decorations & LEDs'

A festive table decoration with the added twist of being able to rotate, spread some cheer at Christmas dinner with this bright and colourful ornament
£33.06 £31.49

Konstsmide 1206 LED Rotating Acrylic Candy Tree with Warm White Lights

Bring a joyful and colourful figurine to dinner this year with this brightly lit Christmas ornament rotates casting its patterned warm glow around
£32.08 £30.55

Konstsmide 1215 Small Decorative Glass Dome with Amber LEDs'

A modern ornament that provides a soft and warm glow from its petite micro LED lights illuminating the surrounding space in a warm amber glow
£23.10 £22.00

Konstsmide 1216 Decorative Glass Dome with Amber LEDs'

This tall glass bell jar contains a string of micro LED lights that have powerful amber coloured bulbs that emit a bright ambient glow
£25.71 £24.49

Konstsmide 1218 LED Standing Star 40cm

This shining star is mounted upon a small stand to give is some definition and allow the bright glow of its bulbs to better fill a space
£19.42 £18.50

Konstsmide 1219 LED Standing Heart 40cm Christmas Decoration

The bright amber bulbs are arranged in a sweet heart shape and there is a choice in the colour of accompanying wire of either gold, silver or copper
£26.24 £24.99

Konstsmide 1461 40 Warm White Micro LED Battery String Lights

These Konstsmide 40 Warm White LED Copper Battery Lights comes with a 6 hour timer that automatically turns on and off each day
£13.64 £12.99

Konstsmide 2819 LED Silhouette Wooden Advent Calendar

A decorative incarnation of the classical Christmas calendar with bright and powerful LED lights illuminating its painted detailing
£88.62 £84.40

Konstsmide 3156-603 LED Metal Christmas Globe Lights - Copper (V)

£16.28 £15.50

Konstsmide 4200 8 Light Fibre Optic Airplane Multicoloured Santa

This novelty light features LED lights with fibre optic lights flashing around the propeller of Father Christmas’s aeroplane
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 4201 8 Light Fibre Optic Airplane Multicoloured Snowman

A modern Christmas decoration, this fun and festive snowman is riding an aeroplane with fibre optic lights spreading a festive greeting
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 4203 13 White Light LED Helicopter

A modern Christmas decoration this table ornament has inbuilt fibre optic lights to create a fascinating effect that will only add to the feel of the season
£35.65 £33.95

Konstsmide 4215 12 LED Fibre Optic Santa with Train

Fibre optic lights are a fun and funky twist on the traditional style of Christmas table decoration, their bright presence will only add to the festive spirit
£62.46 £59.49

Konstsmide 4310-550 Fibre Optic Santa

This is a modern take on a classical Christmas ornament with fibre optic lights giving it a fun appearence
£41.42 £39.45

Konstsmide 4350 LED Water Lantern Christmas Market

Inside this old fashioned style of lantern is a miniature Christmas scene complete with its own winter market and Christmas tree
£56.60 £53.90

Konstsmide 4352 Red Christmas Gift Box Snow Lantern

A Christmas present with a twist, the red bow wrapping around this gift adds a touch of whimsicality to the statues of Santa and a snowman
£32.50 £30.95

Konstsmide 4353 North Pole Snow Globe

This Christmassy snow globe is held on a white pedestal that has been given an iceberg effect to its appearance to enhance its wintery presence
£44.05 £41.95

Konstsmide 4354 White Water Lantern with Reindeer

This modern and contemporary cylindrical lantern has its Christmassy design and message etched into its side to give a glowing appearance
£32.50 £30.95

Konstsmide 4355 White Water Lantern with Snowman

This cylindrical lantern is inspired by traditional festive candles, only this decoration will never diminish as a candle does as it melts
£33.55 £31.95

Konstsmide 4357 Water Lantern Christmas Choir Scene LED Decoration

This ornamental photo frame showcases a 3D carol singing family caught in a flurry of snow and illuminated by bright LED lights
£38.80 £36.95

Konstsmide 4359 Water Lantern Christmas Church LED Decoration

This church tower ornament is filled with a brightly lit everlasting snow storm that is set to give an eternal feel of the festive season
£60.85 £57.95

Konstsmide 4362 Santa Water Lantern LED Decoration

This bauble features a brushed metallic finish which draws the eye to the brightly lit Christmas scene that occupies the centre of this ornament
£34.12 £32.50

Konstsmide 6252 LED Acrylic Gingerbread House Village Decoration

Becareful as not to mistake this Konstsmide 6252-103 LED Acrylic Ginger House Decoration for a real ginger bread house!
£32.62 £31.07

Konstsmide 6386 Micro 50 Warm White LED Light Set

These charming set of fairy lights come with 3 different colours of wire which give the option of personalising these lights for every home
£20.99 £19.99

Konstsmide 6391 Micro LED Diamond Table Light Set

Drape this Christmas ornament over any decoration on the dining table and add a classy look to the home this Christmas
£35.18 £33.50

The Konstmide 4358 Water Lantern Nativity Scene LED Decoration

Invest in a decoration for the festive season that can be used year after year without the worry of it diminishing in quality
£38.80 £36.95