Twig Trees

Konstsmide Christmas twig trees have become a classic staple festive decoration, and they look fabulous both in the home or outside in the garden. They give off a delicate glow as night draws in, and the Konstsmide collection includes LED twig trees and LED berry trees which have both become firm Christmas favourites for our customers.

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Konstsmide 3375-600 LED Brown Willow Tree 130cm

This modern Christmas ornament features bright LED lights encased in willow leaf shapes, this creates the stylish appearance of this festive ornament
£61.41 £58.49

Konstsmide 3376-600 LED Brown Willow Tree 250cm

A modern tree decoration with over 200 bright LED bulbs encased in delicate leaf shaped designs that amplify the warm glow they protrude
£104.42 £99.45

Konstsmide 3377-100 LED 96cm White Berry Christmas Twig Tree

A modern take on the traditional Christmas tree, the white twig structure is highlighted by the cherry shaped bulbs that glow with a bright LED light
£35.65 £33.95

Konstsmide 3377-600 Brown 100cm LED Christmas Twig Tree

A modern Christmas tree made with slender twig branches and cherry round bright LED bulbs for a festive finish
£35.65 £33.95

Konstsmide 3378-100 White LED 150cm Christmas Twig Tree

The white colouring of this festive tree give it a modern and contemporary appearance that is highlighted by the bright shine of the LED bulbs
£41.99 £39.99

Konstsmide 3378-600 LED Brown Christmas Berry Twig Tree - 1.5m

The Konstsmide 3378-600 LED Brown Christmas Berry Twig Tree - 1.5m in a wonderfully natural festive style, will look beautiful outside your home this festive season. In brown colour and with 120 warm white LEDs.
£43.04 £40.99

Konstsmide 3383-100 White LED 1.80m Leaf Tree

Add some Christmas magic to the garden this year with this stunning Konstsmide 3383-100 White LED 1.80m Leaf Tree that displays beautiful illuminated LED leaves.
£53.44 £50.90

Konstsmide 3384-100 White LED Leaf Twig Tree 250cm

This Konstsmide LED Leaf Twig Tree displays its white glow from the bright LEDs that are long lasting and energy efficient
£72.40 £68.95

Konstsmide 3385-100 White LED 250cm Cherry Twig Tree

This Konstsmide White LED 250cm Cherry Twig Tree is ideal for the Christmas season or can be used as a wedding decoration
£103.42 £98.50

Konstsmide 3385-600 Brown LED Christmas 2.5m Cherry Twig Tree

A tall and contemporary Christmas tree with bright LED lights illuminating it and casting delicate and intricate shadows in its wake
£108.52 £103.35