Outdoor Icicle & Curtain Lights

Konstsmide outdoor icicle and curtain lights make it quick and easy to create a house full of snow drifts and curtain walls full of perfectly even light. Icicle lights can be easily fitted onto gutters using gutter glips and there are a lot of colour options available from the Konstsmide Christmas collection.

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Konstmide 3754 Warm White LED Multi-Function Net Light

Measuring 2m x 1.5m and complete with a long lead cable, all you need to do now is decide which garden features you want illuminated
£38.48 £36.65

Konstsmide 2739 20 Warm White LED Icicle Christmas Light Set

These charming icicle lights have 20 bright LED bulbs spaced out evenly across their wire to help create a bright and warm Christmas set of lights
£34.71 £33.06

Konstsmide 2745-102 Icicle LED Light Set

With 180 LEDs these icicle Lights are a great way in which to decorate large areas effectively and are always a firm festive favourite
£40.77 £38.82

Konstsmide 2749 32 Warm White LED Icicle Christmas Light Set

These outdoor lights look delicate and dainty with their icicle shapes ending is slender points, but their robust build promises that they will endure
£34.17 £32.54

Konstsmide 2761 200 LED Amber Long Icicle Light Set

Illuminate your home either inside or outside with these fun and festive lights that will provide a warm glow that is perfect for the winter months
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 2762 400 LED Amber Long Icicle Light Set

An icicle is a classic sign of the season, make sure your home has all the festive trimmings with these lights that will last for many years to come
£67.15 £63.95

Konstsmide 2771 200 LED Amber Short Icicle Light Set

Decorate for the winter months with these warm with these festive Christmas lights that have bright amber LEDs encased in icicle shapes
£35.12 £33.45

Konstsmide 2772 400 LED Amber Short Icicle Light Set

Made to last each bulb in this set inside these festive icicle lights has a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours
£64.52 £61.45

Konstsmide 3729 80 Amber LED Icicle Light Set

These lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use which means they could be used to adorn anything from a tree or a bush, to a banister
£28.93 £27.55

Konstsmide 3738 240 Amber LED Icicle Light Set

These dainty Christmas lights run along a white cable which picks up the amber glow of the lights to stand out against the darkness of winter nights
£43.52 £41.45

Konstsmide 3754 Multifunction 160 Coloured LED Christmas Net Light Set

Create an enchanting light display in the comfort of your own garden by simply draping one of these nets over any bush or tree to look festive
£41.95 £39.95

Konstsmide 3778 32 Warm White LED Frosted Net Light

£13.60 £12.95

Konstsmide 3779 64 Warm White LED Frosted Net Light

Adorn your home with lights that are fit for the season with this net of LED lights that will add a touch of Christmas spirit to anything they touch
£19.90 £18.95

Konstsmide 3787 96 Warm White LED Frosted Net Light

Net lights offer a great way to decorate bushes and trees in your garden for the festive season by giving them an ambient glow
£27.25 £25.95

Konstsmide 4614-103 Connectable Christmas Curtain Light - 100 LEDs

Enhance any household doorway and bring a warm festive glow along with it, these curtain lights make for wonderful Christmas decorations
£74.01 £70.49