Outdoor Christmas Figures

Dress up your garden and landscaping this winter season with our selection of Konstsmide outdoor Christmas figures.

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They feature bright LEDs that gleam through a water-resistant acrylic structure to create a remarkable lighting effect. Place a family of penguins or birds along your pathway to bring an inviting element to your home. Choose from small or large Christmas figures of polar bears, snowmen, reindeers and Santa Claus to truly indulge in the festive season.

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Konstsmide 6152-203 Acrylic Reindeer Christmas Decoration

The Konstsmide 6121-203 Acrylic Reindeer is a great way to inject a bit of fun to your outdoor Christmas Decorations this winter. Not only does it look great in the daytime, but as the night draws in the integral LED's illuminate the LED Reindeer from within.
£32.07 £30.54

Konstsmide 3314-000 Fibre Optic Snowman

A whimsical Christmas decoration, this joyous snow man produces a warm glow that will be sure too add to the festive feel of the season
£29.97 £28.54

Konstsmide 6112 Small Sitting LED Polar Bear - Outdoor

What better way to inject some fun into your Christmas decorations than with the Konstsmide 6112-203 Sitting Polar Bear. This delightful LED polar bear is designed for use outdoors or indoors and is complete with 200 Bright White LED bulb
£68.20 £64.95

Konstsmide 6117 Acrylic LED Penguin Outdoor Christmas Figure

A novelty penguin set to illuminate any home in a fun and festive way, with over 50,000 hours’ worth of life this penguin is set to shine
£41.30 £39.33

Konstsmide 6118 Large Outdoor LED Acrylic Penguin Christmas Figure

Whimsical in design, this festive figure will bring a bright sense of Christmas cheer to any home or garden
£66.14 £62.99

Konstsmide 6120 Acrylic LED Snowman Chrstmas Figure

A festive decoration that will last year after year with over 50,000 hours of light in its powerful LED bulbs
£72.96 £69.49

Konstsmide 6122-203 Acrylic Santa

Bring Christmas to your home early this year with this festive decoration that has the potential of over 50,000 hours of light in its bulbs
£83.95 £79.95

Konstsmide 6123 Small LED Polar Bear Outdoor Decoration

Small and sweet this festive decoration will bring its whimsical charm and bright appearance to any home or garden
£28.89 £27.52

Konstsmide 6126 LED Acrylic Colour Changing Christmas Tree

A modern Christmas tree with a delightful colour changing twist, bring a sense of fun and whimsical charm to any home
£61.42 £58.50

Konstsmide 6127-500 LED Acrylic Colour Changing Christmas Tree

This bright and fun Christmas tree ornament is made of a chunky acrylic which glows with the variety of colours given off by its internal LEDs
£124.42 £118.50

Konstsmide 6139-203 LED 38cm Acrylic Reindeer

This stunning battery operated Konstsmide Acrylic Reindeer will make a fabulous addition to the home with his cute demeanour
£21.52 £20.50

Konstsmide 6140-203 Battery LED Acrylic Christmas Snowman

This Konstsmide Battery LED Acrylic Christmas Snowman comes with bright LED lights and a 6 hour battery operated timer
£17.32 £16.50

Konstsmide 6142-203 Acrylic LED Penguin

This Christmas decoration is both fun and festive with the bright colours of the penguin being highlighted by the powerful LED bulbs
£23.05 £21.95

Konstsmide 6143 LED Battery Christmas Santa Stop Here Sign

This Christmas stop here aign is a perfect garden decoration to make sure Santa stops at your house, display your festive spirit with this Christmas decoration
£17.93 £17.08

Konstsmide 6144-203 Acrylic 5pc LED Sparrow Set

Place this cute Konstsmide set anywhere you like, indoors or outdoors and they will instantly add character wherever they are
£29.99 £28.56

Konstsmide 6153-203 LED Santa - Outdoor Christmas Figure

Invite Father Christmas to visit a little earlier this year with this festive and decorative lit ornament
£33.11 £31.53

Konstsmide 6154-203 LED Snowman - Outdoor Christmas Figure

This cheerful Christmas chap offers a whimsical and fun way of decorating your home or garden for the festive season
£31.63 £30.12

Konstsmide 6155 LED Outdoor Mushrooms Decoration

These mushrooms bring an alternative theme of festive spirit to any home they inhabit, their well-lit design makes them give off a bright glow
£39.66 £37.77

Konstsmide 6163 LED Acrylic Bear Outdoor Decoration

Brighten up your home during the darker winter months with this fun Christmas decoration that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use
£40.89 £38.94

Konstsmide 6166 LED Outdoor Acrylic Christmas Reindeer

Whimsical and fun this acrylic figurine is given a bright glow by the powerful LED bulbs that power it, with up to 50,000 hours of life in each one
£225.70 £214.95

Konstsmide 6168-203 Christmas Acrylic LED Reindeer - 105cm

This festive reindeer ornament is filled with 160 bright LED bulbs that give it a warm glowing look
£178.45 £169.95

Konstsmide 6169 Acrylic LED Christmas Penguin Family

A lovingly charming piece of lighting, bringing festive charm and the real spirit of Christmas to your garden or outdoor are
£39.41 £37.53

Konstsmide 6170 Outdoor Acrylic LED Snowman Decoration

A fun and festive addition to any home, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use this snowman can light up anywhere
£36.74 £34.99

Konstsmide 6172 Acrylic LED Santa Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Invite Santa home for the holiday season with this charming and whimsical figurine that has over 50,000 hours of life in each bulb
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 6174-203 Acrylic LED Sliding Christmas Penguin

This fun figure can stand either inside or outside, it contains bright LED bulbs that each have an expected life of up to 50,000 hours
£35.18 £33.50

Konstsmide 6180-203 LED Acrylic Christmas Squirrel

This bright white figurine is self-illuminating with bright LED bulbs powering it, each bulb has a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours
£31.77 £30.26

Konstsmide 6182-203 Acrylic LED Christmas Dog

A sweet Christmas ornament this self-illuminating hound has a Christmas hat atop his head to make this dog a fabulous festive feature
£36.09 £34.37

Konstsmide 6186 LED Acrylic Figure Christmas Owl

A Christmas ornament with a true feel of the season about its preens, this fun owl is self-illuminating by bright LED bulbs
£47.79 £45.51

Konstsmide 6187-203 Battery Powered LED Acrylic Christmas Penguin

An inquisitive and charming little character, that will add a festive glow and seasonal spirit to your garden or outside area
£29.39 £27.99

Konstsmide 6187-203 Christmas LED Penguin

This Christmas ornament can be displayed both inside and outside, its bright bulbs are enduring and set to last year after year
£28.34 £26.99