LED Connectable Lights

Konstsmide connectable LED lights are part of a fantastic collection of outdoor party lights, allowing you to create the most stunning of displays. Some connectable lights can be used across a tree, or strung along the outline of your house. Some customers prefer to hang led connectable festoon lights beneath a pergola or gazebo for a festivel feeling, perfect for use at weddings and other exciting events. Whichever way you use them, Konstsmide LED connectable lights are renown for their choice, design, and quality.

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Konstsmide 1 to 2 split cable, system 24V

£9.14 £8.70

Konstsmide 2399-500 10 Connectable Coloured Festoon Lights

This light set comes with an additional 10 led bulbs that allows you to have a more spectacular display around the home and garden
£26.76 £25.49

Konstsmide 2736 Acrylic LED 32 Icicle Lights

Bright and whimsical these festive lights have over 50,000 hours of life in them
£30.44 £28.99

Konstsmide 4600 Connectable Christmas Light 24V Power Supply

A handy accessory to any festive or Christmas display allowing greater distance to be put between a mains socket and the lights
£36.75 £35.00

Konstsmide 4601 Black 10m Connectable Light Extension Cable

£9.62 £9.16

Konstsmide 4601 Transparent 10m Connectable Light Extension Cable

£11.54 £10.99

Konstsmide 4601-002 10m White Extension Cable

This extension cable is great for adding more options to Christmas decorations this year, eliminating the hassle of awkwardly positioned plug sockets
£9.44 £8.99

Konstsmide 4602 Cable Splitting System

£7.30 £6.95

Konstsmide 4602-003 Connectable Christmas Light 2 Way Splitter

This is the quick and simply way to install a festive low voltage outdoor Christmas light display with ease
£10.49 £9.99

Konstsmide 4603-000 1 To 4 Black Split System 24V

£15.70 £14.95

Konstsmide 4607-007 Dimmer And Timer Box

A brilliant addition to your Christmas decoration box, create ambience in your decorations this year and reuduce or increase brightness
£16.75 £15.95

Konstsmide 4610-143 Twinkle Warm White LED 24V Fairy Light Set - Transparent Cable

The warm white colour of these festive lights gives a bright glow to any setting, a handy decoration for the darker months of winter
£23.09 £21.99

Konstsmide 4610-550 Red Connectable Light Set 100 LED

Give your home a stand out Christmas decoration with these red fairy lights, their powerful bulbs will fill any space with festive ambient lighting
£21.00 £20.00

Konstsmide 4611 24V Connectable 100 LED Christmas Icicle Lights

These curtain set of fairy lights are set on a black wire for a contrast against the brightness of the bulbs which each contain 50,000 hours of life
£25.19 £23.99

Konstsmide 4611-100 24V Warm White LED Icicle Light - Black Cable

A decoration fit for the season with bright warm white bulbs that each promise up to 50,00 hours’ worth of life
£25.72 £24.50

Konstsmide 4614-100 Warm White LED 1m x 1m Icicle Lights - Add On

Add to an existing Christmas display with these additional add on lights, their connectable nature allows you to expand your light displays
£22.58 £21.50

Konstsmide 4614-103 Connectable Christmas Curtain Light - 100 LEDs

Enhance any household doorway and bring a warm festive glow along with it, these curtain lights make for wonderful Christmas decorations
£74.01 £70.49

Konstsmide 4614-207 LED Curtain Christmas Lights

Illuminate your home with these decorative festive curtain lights, bring a warm glow to any wall or doorway
£30.40 £28.95

Konstsmide 4623-103 Cone LED Net Light 208 Warm White LEDs

These net of lights are a characteristic and whimsical way of decorative your home for the festive season
£45.62 £43.45

Konstsmide 4624-103 Warm White LED 2m x 1m Curtain Lights - 24V Add On

These curtain lights can bring character and a festive feeling to any wall or entranceway, their bright light adds a warm Christmassy glow
£44.19 £42.09

Konstsmide 4640-103 10 x Warm White LED Outdoor Bulb Lights

These 10 LED bulbs each have a life of up to 50,000 hours, more than enough to bring festive decoration to any home year after year
£34.12 £32.50

Konstsmide 4641 24V Connectable 10 LED Festoon Black Light Set

Connectable light systems allow you to expand a light display and conserve on the use of plug sockets as the connection occurs between each set
£29.39 £27.99

Konstsmide 4641 24V Connectable 10 LED Festoon Transparent Light Set

This set of festive Christmas connectable lights contain 10 bright bulbs that run along a transparent cable
£31.49 £29.99

Konstsmide 4650-143 White LED Add On Twinkle Set 24V Transparent

A subtle and classical set of Christmas lights with a clear wire connecting the powerful bulbs that can bring a festive glow to any household
£20.99 £19.99

Konstsmide 4652-103 White Acrylic LED 5m Icicle Lights - 24V Add On

Fun and festive all in one these attractive icicle lights are a great way to decorate any home or garden for the Christmas season
£26.24 £24.99

Konstsmide 4652-107 Connectable Christmas Icicle Lights - 50 LEDs

Add some decorations fit for the festive season with these bright Christmas lights that have hanging icicle shapes
£46.76 £44.53

Konstsmide 4681-112 LED Icicle Christmas Lights

Festive fairy lights with a twist, these white curtain lights have bright LED bulbs adorning their long length
£27.25 £25.95

Konstsmide 4681-117 Connectable Christmas Icicle Lights - 100 LEDs

Perfect for decorating the exterior of any home, these connectable lights are a great way to give a varied light display
£37.79 £35.99

Konstsmide 4685-112 LED Warm White Moulded Christmas Lights

These warm Christmas Lights are a wonderful new addition to any home for adding a bit of festive spirit
£22.04 £20.99

Konstsmide 4800-003 Start-Set 31V LED Connectable System

The Konstsmide LED connectable system is a great way to string together multiple sets of lights all the while only needing one power source
£22.52 £21.45