Indoor Christmas Decorations

Our selection of Konstsmide indoor Christmas decorations will aid you in creating a cosy environment during the dark and cold nights of winter. Battery operated fairy lights make the perfect decoration for trees and furniture as they aren’t limited by wiring. Place a flameless candle bridge on your table or window sill to bring a traditional Christmas mood into your home.

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Konstsmide 4216 12 LED Fibre Optic Multicolour Village with Deer

This Christmas village scene is a classical variety of festive decoration with a modern upgrade given to it by its multi-coloured fibre optic lights
£83.95 £79.95

Konstsmide 4310-550 Fibre Optic Santa

This is a modern take on a classical Christmas ornament with fibre optic lights giving it a fun appearence
£41.42 £39.45

Konstsmide 4350 LED Water Lantern Christmas Market

Inside this old fashioned style of lantern is a miniature Christmas scene complete with its own winter market and Christmas tree
£56.60 £53.90

Konstsmide 4352 Red Christmas Gift Box Snow Lantern

A Christmas present with a twist, the red bow wrapping around this gift adds a touch of whimsicality to the statues of Santa and a snowman
£32.50 £30.95

Konstsmide 4353 North Pole Snow Globe

This Christmassy snow globe is held on a white pedestal that has been given an iceberg effect to its appearance to enhance its wintery presence
£44.05 £41.95

Konstsmide 4354 White Water Lantern with Reindeer

This modern and contemporary cylindrical lantern has its Christmassy design and message etched into its side to give a glowing appearance
£32.50 £30.95

Konstsmide 4355 White Water Lantern with Snowman

This cylindrical lantern is inspired by traditional festive candles, only this decoration will never diminish as a candle does as it melts
£33.55 £31.95

Konstsmide 4357 Water Lantern Christmas Choir Scene LED Decoration

This ornamental photo frame showcases a 3D carol singing family caught in a flurry of snow and illuminated by bright LED lights
£38.80 £36.95

Konstsmide 4359 Water Lantern Christmas Church LED Decoration

This church tower ornament is filled with a brightly lit everlasting snow storm that is set to give an eternal feel of the festive season
£60.85 £57.95

Konstsmide 4362 Santa Water Lantern LED Decoration

This bauble features a brushed metallic finish which draws the eye to the brightly lit Christmas scene that occupies the centre of this ornament
£34.12 £32.50

Konstsmide 4436 LED White Snowflake Christmas Light Set

Bring some of the season’s festive features to your home with these long lasting LED lights that give a bright Christmassy glow along with their presence
£22.04 £20.99

Konstsmide 4442 LED Star Christmas Light Set

These five pointed stars are each filled with bright LED bulbs that promise up to 50,000 hours of uninterrupted light
£55.64 £52.99

Konstsmide 6252 LED Acrylic Gingerbread House Village Decoration

Becareful as not to mistake this Konstsmide 6252-103 LED Acrylic Ginger House Decoration for a real ginger bread house!
£32.62 £31.07

Konstsmide 6330 50 RGB Micro LED Slow Light Set

The slow twinkling effect that these bright lights feature offers a subtler sort of illumination that is eye catching in a more understated way
£18.41 £17.53

Konstsmide 6331 100 RGB Micro LED Slow Light Set

These cluster lights are bright and colourful and offer a subtle sense of festive spirit with their warm multi-coloured glow that they emit
£25.67 £24.45

Konstsmide 6371-160 Micro LED Star Light Decoration

Be on trend with this Konstsmide micro LED star decoration that features warm decorative LED stars placed upon a copper coloured cable
£53.97 £51.40

Konstsmide 6380 90 Amber Micro LED Light String Set

There are three choices of metallic wire for these cluster lights, Gold, copper or silver all reflect the light to create a festively warm ambience
£22.58 £21.50

Konstsmide 6381 Micro Warm White 20 String LED Light Set

Add to an existing Christmas display or highlight something in a delicate way that covers them in a warm glow
£26.20 £24.95

Konstsmide 6382 480 Amber Micro LED Light String Set

These warm amber LED lights have 24 strings of lights, each with 20 bright bulbs attached with a life of 50,000 hours
£47.20 £44.95

Konstsmide 6383 702 Amber Micro LED Light String Set

Although small and dainty the LED bulbs attached to this set of festive lights are bright and powerful with each bulb having a life of 50,000 hours
£65.05 £61.95

Konstsmide 6386 50 Micro LED Light Wire Set

Add a glow to your home with these dainty and petite novelty fairy lights that are powered by 50 bright bulbs
£15.74 £14.99

Konstsmide 6386 50 Micro LED Light Wire Set

Add a delicate and ambient glow to any existing decoration or even to features around the house for a Christmassy effect
£17.84 £16.99

Konstsmide 6386 Micro 50 Amber LED Light Set

Micro fairy lights offer a subtle sort of glow that can be good for adding to existing Christmas displays
£20.99 £19.99

Konstsmide 6386 Micro 50 Warm White LED Light Set

These charming set of fairy lights come with 3 different colours of wire which give the option of personalising these lights for every home
£20.99 £19.99

Konstsmide 6391 Micro LED Diamond Table Light Set

Drape this Christmas ornament over any decoration on the dining table and add a classy look to the home this Christmas
£35.18 £33.50

Konstsmide 6391-190 Set of Ailver Micro LED Diamond Light Set

£40.37 £38.45

The Konstmide 4358 Water Lantern Nativity Scene LED Decoration

Invest in a decoration for the festive season that can be used year after year without the worry of it diminishing in quality
£38.80 £36.95