Indoor Christmas Decorations

Our selection of Konstsmide indoor Christmas decorations will aid you in creating a cosy environment during the dark and cold nights of winter. Battery operated fairy lights make the perfect decoration for trees and furniture as they aren’t limited by wiring. Place a flameless candle bridge on your table or window sill to bring a traditional Christmas mood into your home.

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Konstsmide 3137-803 10 Copper LED Metal Cylinder Lights

These stunning Konstsmide lights will add a subtle decorative touch to the home without looking over the top
£16.79 £15.99

Konstsmide 3137-803 10 Gold LED Metal Cylinder Lights

These Christmas lights are a must have this Christmas with their stunning demenour that will enchance your home
£19.89 £18.94

Konstsmide 3144 LED Copper Flower Light Set

A beautiful set of indoor lights are made in a coppery colour which is accentuated by the warm light given off by the bright LED’s inside the lights
£8.57 £8.16

Konstsmide 3146-603 LED 10 Copper Snowflake Light Set

Fashionable and stylish these festive coppery flowers have an elegant beauty about them which is only highlighted by the warm glow of the inset lights
£10.49 £9.99

Konstsmide 3156-603 LED Metal Christmas Globe Lights - Copper (V)

£16.28 £15.50

Konstsmide 3157-803 Golden Ball Christmas Lights

The Konstsmide Golden Ball Christmas Lights are a beautifully bold and stylish Christmas lighting option, which can be easily hung or used as a table decoration.
£23.61 £22.49

Konstsmide 3159-707 Black/Silver LED Christmas Table Lights

A modern Christmas decoration fit to adorn any surface, combining slender black wire with lights and silver detailing
£14.69 £13.99

Konstsmide 3165-203 Plastic LED Christmas Bells

Intricate novelty lights with each petite bell featuring an inlaid faceted design and adorning ribbons with a splash of festive red
£10.49 £9.99

Konstsmide 3170-803 Gold Christmas LED Stars

Made with an intricate cut out design these lights features five pointed stars that all cast delicate shadows in the bright glow of their LED bulbs
£16.81 £16.01

Konstsmide 3171-303 Silver LED Christmas Star Lights

The metal effect silver stars with intricate cut out detailing these stars will cast decorative shadows in the warm glow emitted by their inner lights
£36.64 £34.90

Konstsmide 3404 LED Christmas Fairground Village Decoration

This charming scene will last for many years to come with their bright and powerful LED bulbs each boasting a life expectancy of 50,000 hours
£40.37 £38.45

Konstsmide 3434 Fibre Optic Church Chritsmas Village Decoration

A village scene lit with funky lights that give is a fun and festive feel, this Christmas decoration will brighten any home with ease
£47.78 £45.50

Konstsmide 3439 LED Christmas Fairground Village Decoration

This joyous scene of snowman enjoying the festive season is brightly lit with multi-coloured bulbs that will endure years of use
£70.88 £67.50

Konstsmide 3440-000 LED Moving Christmas Ferris Wheel Decoration

This loveable Konstsmide 3440-000 LED Moving Christmas Ferris Wheel Decoration will have your guests engrossed for hours on end.
£38.84 £36.99

Konstsmide 3444-000 LED Christmas Childrens Playground Decoration

This Konstsmide 3444-000 LED Christmas Childrens Playground Decoration will make a wonderful addition to the home with 8 different songs to listen to and beautiful lights to look at.
£52.40 £49.90

Konstsmide 3447-000 LED Christmas Tree Shop Table Decoration

This Konstsmide 3447-000 LED Christmas Tree Shop Table Decoration will make a wonderful addition to the home and will gain positive attention from your guests.
£25.76 £24.53

Konstsmide 3535-900 LED Brushed Metal Christmas Candlestick

The Konstsmide 3535-900 LED Brushed Metal Christmas Candlestick is a wonderfully contemporary and simplistic design of Christmas decoration. With LED bulbs and brushed metal style
£31.49 £29.99

Konstsmide 3555-600 Hanging Copper Metal Mesh Star

This Konstsmide festive mesh star will add a contemporary and stylish flair to any home this Christmas time
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 3555-600 Silver Metal Mesh Hanging Star

This modern designed Christmas star would look great hanging from a window for all to see spreading the festive spirit from your home
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 3564-710 Metal LED Twig Table Light Decoration

A modern style of decoration with a silhouetted festive scene illustrated by slender metalwork and illuminated by bright LED lights
£67.62 £64.40

Konstsmide 3582 Contemporary LED Christmas Candle Bridge

This contemporary Christmas candle bridge displays a wonderful modern take on traditional welcome lights
£43.56 £41.49

Konstsmide 3583 7 Bulb Wooden Candle Bridge Light

Bedecked with 7 bright lights this candle bridge is sure to bring a sense of Christmassy ambience to any home in time for the festive season
£52.49 £49.99

Konstsmide 3586 Contemporary Bulb Candle Bridge

Candle bridges are a classical decoration for the holiday season and this modern incarnation comes with LED bulbs in place of flame
£47.38 £45.12

Konstsmide 3589 Contemporary Grey LED Candle Bridge

A contemporarily style candle bridge with a leaf inspired formation, the bright bulbs used to make is have a life of 50,000 hours
£34.12 £32.50

Konstsmide 3596 7 Bulb Candle Bridge

The traditional candlestick is given new life, the electric candles mean that there will never be an open flame or melting wax which makes it safe
£32.50 £30.95

Konstsmide 3597-760 Black Wooden LED Candle Bridge

This candle bridge comes with stunning and on trend copper decorative details that are placed inbetween each candle stick
£58.21 £55.44

Konstsmide 4200 8 Light Fibre Optic Airplane Multicoloured Santa

This novelty light features LED lights with fibre optic lights flashing around the propeller of Father Christmas’s aeroplane
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 4201 8 Light Fibre Optic Airplane Multicoloured Snowman

A modern Christmas decoration, this fun and festive snowman is riding an aeroplane with fibre optic lights spreading a festive greeting
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 4203 13 White Light LED Helicopter

A modern Christmas decoration this table ornament has inbuilt fibre optic lights to create a fascinating effect that will only add to the feel of the season
£35.65 £33.95

Konstsmide 4215 12 LED Fibre Optic Santa with Train

Fibre optic lights are a fun and funky twist on the traditional style of Christmas table decoration, their bright presence will only add to the festive spirit
£62.46 £59.49