How to decorate your Christmas tree

How to decorate your Christmas tree

Lighting and decorating your Christmas tree can be a difficult job, but it doesn’t have to be. The aim of this is to help you step by step on how to plan, set up, and decorate your tree with ease.

Step 1: Plan your decorating.

Before you begin, think about what kind of design you want. What theme or colour scheme are you going for with your decorations? Konstsmide Christmas lighting provide a wide selection festive string lights in a variety of different colours to create any atmosphere for your home.

How tall is your tree? The height of your evergreen is important as it will help you determine how long you will need your string lights to be in order to cover the whole of your fir. We recommend 100 lights for every 2 feet of Christmas tree for the best effect.

Step 2: What string lights should I choose?

  • Tree fairy lights are a classic Christmas tree decoration as they are affordable and feature energy efficient LED bulbs. They feature many small LED bulbs on a lengthy cable.
  • Candle tree lights bring a traditional theme to any home and can be easily clipped to your tree branches. Sets with a flicker functionality mimic a dancing naked flame and will bring a warm and festive atmosphere to your home.
  • Christmas globes, balls, and novelty lights are similar to baubles. However, they are attached on a string and have an LED bulb in the centre. Their patterned designs and warm colours make great features for any fir.

Step 3: Setting up your tree.

Think about the placement of your fir, and where you would get the most out of your lighting. Set it up in the corner of your living room, or perhaps in the hallway of your home. If you have a hinged artificial tree, make sure that you spread out all the branches and boughs equally in every direction to make it look natural and to ensure you will have the best possible coverage for your lighting.

When assembling, try separating your fir into sections before you start to make it easier to wrap light sets around it. Once done, you can then re-arrange it into its familiar and natural Christmas evergreen shape. For a real Christmas tree, you can trim the branches to refine its traditional shape.

Step 4: How to put lights on your Christmas tree.

Once you have everything set up and ready, its time to dress up your tree. We recommend that you start at the base and gradually work your way to the top.  Wrap string lights around individual branches to create a fuller effect. Clip on lights can be securely fastened to each branch tip to keep them into place.

Try to get an even spread, making it look as if there are no specific designs or patterns that you are following. This will make it look natural, as if your lighting had effortlessly fallen into place. It is important that every few feet and take a minute to fully check your fir to see the progress you are making. This will help you in see how it’s going what parts of foliage need covering.

Once you’ve reached the top add any finishing touches such as tinsel, a star, or baubles. All that’s left is for you is to enjoy your creation, and the rest of the festive season.

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