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The Konstsmide garden lighting collection of garden lights offers one of the largest and best quality ranges in the UK. As a Swedish company, Konstsmide is all about design and function which is evident in the finished products. The Konstsmide range spans everything from a wall light under £30 right upto triple head garden lamp posts and exterior wall wash flood lights.

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Konstsmide 7335 Modern Nemi Glass Orb Outdoor Wall Light

This external wall light has a glass ball as part of its design that serves a dual purpose of protecting the bulb and enhancing its illumination
£51.98 £49.50

Konstsmide 7336 Modern Modena 7ft Galvanized Steel Outdoor Post Light

This steel pathway lamppost is over 7 feet in height giving the bright light it emits the chance to illuminate more of your home and garden
£265.65 £253.00

Konstsmide 7341 Modern Modena Square Aluminium Outdoor Wall Light

This external wall light has a rectangular prism shape with its light shining both upwards and downwards for a clear illumination
£61.22 £58.30

Konstsmide 7342 Modern Modena Round Outdoor Wall Light

This matt finished outside fixture features a cylindrical shape with light emitting both up and down for a decorative and consuming glow
£49.66 £47.30

Konstsmide 7510 Modern Teramo Aluminium Small Outdoor Wall Light

This contemporary wall light has a simplistic style with a seem less aluminium body and frosted glass on both its top and its bottom
£28.88 £27.50

Konstsmide 7512 Modern Modena Outdoor Wall Double Light

This petite external wall light requires 2 bulbs which position at either end of its cylindrical body for a double spot light effect
£41.58 £39.60

Konstsmide 7513 Siena Single Wall Lamp

The Konstsmide Lighting 7513 Siena Wall Lamp is taken from the Konstsmide Modern Lighting Range, a collection of trendy outdoor lights designed with functionality and style in mind.
£38.12 £36.30

Konstsmide 7514 Modern Siracusa Aluminium Outdoor Double Wall Light

This modern wall light features a sleek cylindrical design with corrugated ridges running round its exterior for a stylish finishing touch
£46.20 £44.00

Konstsmide 7515 Modern Modena Single Outdoor Wall Light

This light fixture has 3 different material and colour options of either a galvanised steel or a painted aluminium in black or white
£35.80 £34.10

Konstsmide 7516 Modern Modena Outdoor Contemporary Wall Light

This contemporary and sleek design features a long body with twin bands of wraparound glass inserts at both the top and the bottom
£50.82 £48.40

Konstsmide 7517 Modern Modena Outdoor Short Post Light

This lamppost has a modern and subtle presence thanks to its smaller stature that means this light stands between 2 and 3 feet in height
£53.13 £50.60

Konstsmide 7518 Modern Modena Outdoor Flush Wall Double Light

This external light is mounted flush against the wall for a snug fit that allows the beams of light emitted to cover a larger expanse
£47.36 £45.10

Konstsmide 7542 Modern Modena Steel Outdoor Motion Sensing Wall Light

An outside light which can save valuable energy as it has a built in motion sensor that only turns the light on when it identifies things approaching
£63.52 £60.50

Konstsmide 7561 Modern Trento Stainless Steel Outdoor Post Light

A modern lamppost that would make a great gate post topper or even as a repeating figure along a garden wall to act as a guiding light
£48.51 £46.20

Konstsmide 7565 Modern Trento Stainless Steel Outdoor Flush Wall Light

This wall light sits flush against the wall and allows its light to radiate out and permeate as much space as possible for a bright illumination
£58.80 £56.00

Konstsmide 7571 Modern Modena Stainless Steel Outdoor Wall Spot Lights

This cylindrical spot light emits light from both of its ends which creates an eye catching illumination that can brighten up the wall of any home
£30.03 £28.60

Konstsmide 7572 Modern Modena Petite Aluminium Outdoor Wall Light

Illuminate the exterior of your home with one of the 4 incarnations of this outside light that is only the petite height of 9cm
£24.26 £23.10

Konstsmide 7592 Modern Modena Steel Outdoor Wall Frosted Light

This light has a double effect with its separated top and bottom halves being illuminated to provide a contemporary looking fixture
£45.04 £42.90

Konstsmide 7593-000 Modena Wall Mounted Light

The Konstsmide 7593-000 Modena Wall Mounted Light is of high quality and will provide with a soft illumination of light for years to come.
£34.65 £33.00

Konstsmide 7594 Modern Bolzano Stainless Steel Outdoor Wall Light

There is a semi tint on the glass of this external wall light, it conceals the bulb but amplifies its light into a radiant glow
£34.65 £33.00

Konstsmide 7595 Modern Bolzano Up Down Steel Outdoor Wall Light

This stainless steel light fixture is held a small distance from the wall to allow the light to better illuminate the exterior of your home
£53.13 £50.60

Konstsmide 7598 Modern Modena Adjustable Outdoor Wall Light

A modern light for the modern home with three different options of coloured finish of painted grey or black aluminium and stainless steel
£31.18 £29.70

Konstsmide 7628 Solar Assisi 5 Butterfly Outdoor Lights

These decorations can be added to any garden to bring an element of fun and creativity with their whimsical and colourful appearance
£26.25 £25.00

Konstsmide 7632 Solar Assisi Outdoor LED Hanging Light

This hanging garden light is highly decorative and an energy saving option of outdoor lighting thanks to its solar powered design
£27.30 £26.00

Konstsmide 7650 Elmas Single Plastic Wall Light

This external light makes for a subtle addition to any home thanks to its petite size and monochrome colours with matt finishes
£22.05 £21.00

Konstsmide 7651 Mantova Single Plastic Round Outdoor Wall Light

This wall lamp comes in contrasting finishes of both white and black and the protective dome at the front has a grooved decoration added to it
£22.04 £20.99

Konstsmide 7654-000 Mini LED Ground Spot Lights x 3

These modern lights can be inset into the ground to fully illuminate a space without dominating it with a large presence
£121.28 £115.50

Konstsmide 7655 Modern Modena Outdoor House Number Wall Light

This outside light comes with numbers included so that owners can personalize it to their home, there is space for 3 digits across its front panel
£55.44 £52.80

Konstsmide 7657 Modena Single Wall Down Light

The Konstsmide Lighting 7657 Modena Wall Light has a single lamp for directing 35Watts of light down a wall. It is taken from the Konstsmide Modern Lighting Range, a collection of trendy outdoor lights designed with functionality and style in mind.
£30.03 £28.60

Konstsmide 7659-000 Mini LED Ground Spot Domed Lights x 6

Brighten up a garden walkway with the positioning of these powerfully lit outdoor lights, perfect for guiding your feet home
£115.50 £110.00