Wreaths & Garlands

Konstsmide indoor Christmas wreaths and garlands bring an instant festive feeling to any home and are available in a range of finishes. The latest additions to this range are the Konstsmide twig wreaths with lights which have been carefully wound into the wooden sections to create a simply gorgeous and crafty look.

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Konstsmide 2891-803 Gold Metal LED Wreath

The Konstmide 2891-803 Gold Metal LED Wreath offers a modern take on the traditional Christmas wreath that will make a welcomed addition to the home.

Konstsmide 6221-200 White Wooden Twig LED Wreath

Every home should have a Christmas wreath, and if a traditional wreath isn't really your style, then the Konstsmide LED wreaths are a perfect alternative. Boasting 60 white LEDs...
£39.99 £38.49