Christmas Star Lamps

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Konstsmide 1750 LED Standing 5 Point Paper Star White with Brass Base

Atop the metallic shine of the brass coloured bass is a paper star that has an intricate design etched upon its surface for a sophisticated finish
£39.36 £37.49

Konstsmide 1751 LED Standing Paper Star 7 Sided Christmas Table Lamp

This festive table decoration features a detailed snow flake inspired pattern that has been lightly etched into the paper for a sophisticated appearance
£37.79 £35.99

Konstsmide 2903 7 Point 78cm Red Paper Star

A finely made Christmas decoration, this 7 pointed star has intricate detailing on its delicate paper surface that is brightly lit by the LED bulbs inside
£21.47 £20.45

Konstsmide 2911 7 Point 60cm White with Red Pattern Paper Star

The delicate and intricate patterns of this 7 pointed star are illuminated by the powerful bulb that sits in the centre, this star emits a festive glow
£20.95 £19.95

Konstsmide 2915 7 Point 78cm White Paper Star

This Christmas star is makes for a festive decoration, its bright bulbs casts a warm faceted glow through its intricately detailed exterior
£22.00 £20.95

Konstsmide 2916 9 Point 115cm White Paper Star

This 9 pointed star is a delicate and decorative style of paper lantern with a full festive twist, the warm glow it emits is perfect for the winter season
£32.50 £30.95

Konstsmide 2917 7 Point 60cm Paper Star

A modern Christmas incarnation of the traditional paper lantern, with an intricate and detailed design and a self-emitting warm glow
£18.95 £18.05

Konstsmide 2919 9 Point 115cm Paper Star

Give your home a warm and festive glow for the dark nights that winter brings with this decorative paper lantern inspired decoration
£23.10 £22.00

Konstsmide 2921 7 Point 60cm White with Red Pattern Paper Star

These delicate structures have an intricate design of red and white which is highlighted in a festive glow for a full Christmassy effect
£19.37 £18.45

Konstsmide 2988-520 Hanging 9 Point 115cm Red Paper Star

This incredible Konstsmide 2988-520 Hanging 9 Point 115cm Red Paper Star displays a stunning intricate detailing that you will love!
£20.99 £19.99

Konstsmide 3555-600 Hanging Copper Metal Mesh Star

This Konstsmide festive mesh star will add a contemporary and stylish flair to any home this Christmas time
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 3555-600 Silver Metal Mesh Hanging Star

This modern designed Christmas star would look great hanging from a window for all to see spreading the festive spirit from your home
£37.75 £35.95