Candle Tree Lights

Add a classic festive feeling to your decorations with candle tree lights that are easily laced around your tree and radiate a warm glow.

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These string lights feature clip on tags that fasten to your tree branches, so they can sit upright and stay into place. Sets with a green cable add to the realistic aesthetic of these Christmas decorations as they blend in well with the foliage of your fir. Lights with a flicker effect and functionality emulate a dancing flame. Warm white and red LED bulbs further this authentic effect and resonate a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Combine these festive decorations with a candle bridge to create a traditional lighting display with flame effects but with the safety of electrical bulbs.

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Konstsmide 1000 16 LED Clip On Christmas Tree Candle Light Set

These lights easily attach to any tree and are easy to use they will instantly transform your Christmas tree with a warming festive glow
£24.66 £23.49

Konstsmide 1028 30 Clear Candle Light Set

These Christmas lights feature teardrop shapes that replicate the classical shape of a candle flame and they are illuminated by bright LED bulbs
£31.49 £29.99

Konstsmide 1190 Clip On 25 Candle Tree Lights

It is a tradition to adorn a Christmas tree with lit candles, these festive lights offer a safer way to decorate for the festive season
£34.60 £32.95

Konstsmide 1990 16 Clip On Flicker Flame Red Candle Tree Light Set

Bring the warm and comforting presence of candle light to your Christmas tree without ever having to worry about an open flame
£36.70 £34.95