Candle Effect Lights

Candle effect lights are artificial candles which are often made from real wax for autheticity. Within the candle is a flickering LED which gives the look of a real candle flame but with the complete safety of a string light. The collection of Konstsmide candle effect lights include a range of finishes and colours to bring the festive feeling into your home.

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Konstsmide 1820 LED Wax Candle

The warm glow of candle light brings a feeling of festive warmth to cold winter months, this light provides the same thing without ever diminishing
£32.54 £30.99

Konstsmide 1821 15.5cm LED Wax Candle Light

This festive decoration bathes an area in the a soft glowing light but unlike an actual candle this light will never diminish with use
£26.81 £25.53

Konstsmide 1822 Wax Candle 17.5cm

Enjoy the warm glow of candlelight without the risk of an open flame or ever having to replace it when it’s burned down too low
£23.05 £21.95

Konstsmide 1823 LED Wax Candle 20.5cm

These sophisticated candle light offers the subtle glow that an actual candle gives but without the hazard of an open flame
£26.24 £24.99

Konstsmide 183 Small LED Wax Candle with 3D Flame and Timer

A safe Christmas candle with its bright bulb standing in lieu of the traditional wick, this festive light will not diminish even after years of use
£24.14 £22.99

Konstsmide 184 Medium LED Wax Candle with 3D Flame and Timer

Candles are a timeless Christmas decoration and this one will last for years to come thanks to the long life of its bulb
£17.84 £16.99

Konstsmide 1870 LED Hanging Candle with Metal Holder

These candle effect lights are given an elegant and sophisticated finish by their metal holders, the two of them make great doorway decorations
£39.43 £37.55

Konstsmide 1890 Wax LED Candle with Train Decoration

This decorative candle effect Christmas light has an intricate train imagery detailed into its side for a fully festive appearance
£26.81 £25.53

Konstsmide 1891 Tall Wax LED Candle with Tree & Santa Decoration

A Christmas candle with a twist, this battery operated light will never diminish as a regular candle would meaning it will last for many years to come
£26.81 £25.53

Konstsmide 1892 Wax Candle with Santa and Presents Decoration

A delicate festive decoration this candle light has a classical Christmas scene inset into its side that glows with warmth thanks to the powerful LED bulb inside
£32.06 £30.53

Konstsmide 1899 6 Rechargable 3D Candle Flame Dimmer/Flashing

Unlike traditional candles these electric candles will never melt and diminish in size which makes them perfect Christmas ornaments fit for yearly use
£126.47 £120.45

Konstsmide 1957-300 Christmas White Wax Candle

A festive decoration with a stylish star design peppering its outside, the electric nature of this candle make it a safer option for Christmas displays
£11.08 £10.55

Konstsmide 1958-300 Christmas White Wax Candle

A safer option of candle for Christmas decorations, it will never diminish and you never run the risk of damage by heat to other possessions
£14.69 £13.99

Konstsmide 1959-300 White Wax Christmas Candle

A large pillar style electric candle, a safer version of the traditional festive decoration which are longer lasting and more enduring
£13.64 £12.99

Konstsmide 1977-100 White Wax LED Candle Set of 4

The glowing ambiance that is brought by candles is a favourite feature of the festive season and these candles are made to endure the years
£14.69 £13.99

Konstsmide 1977-550 Red Wax LED Candle Set of 4

Candles really set the tone at Christmas, and with the Konstsmide Candle Sets, you can create all the ambience of real candles without the mess
£14.69 £13.99