Candle Bridge & Welcome Lights

Candle bridges and welcome lights is where Konstsmide started, and you can see the Scandanavian desgin influences across the entire Konstsmide range. From simple and modern to classically Christmas, you can create a truly welcoming festive look in windows and on mantlepieces this Christmas. Konstsmide candle bridges offer anĀ unrivalledĀ level of quality and design flair with new designs added annually.

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Konstsmide 1041 LED Wooden 7 Candle Bridge

A charming and classical arrangement of candles in a modern electric incarnation, a safe way to attain a bright display that will not diminish
£23.05 £21.95

Konstsmide 2141-154 Christmas Candle Bridge

The Konstsmide Christmas Candlestick Collection features a range of high quality Christmas candlesticks that are perfect to help create that festive feel indoors this Christmas
£31.49 £29.99

Konstsmide 2262 Christmas LED Candle Bridge

A tiered wooden decoration adorned with electric candles for a safe, bright and light version of the traditional holiday trimming
£28.30 £26.95

Konstsmide 2285 Wooden 7 Bulb Candle Bridge

This Konstsmide osk stained wooden candle bridge displays a beautiful oak finish with white candle sticks and a flame shaped bulb
£25.19 £23.99

Konstsmide 2495-215 LED White Christmas Candlesticks

The Konstsmide 2495-215 LED White Christmas Candlesticks are a beautifully modern take on the traditional candle bridge, with simplistic white colour and 15 warm white LED bulbs to allow for a fantastic festive warmth...
£35.65 £33.95

Konstsmide 2495-900 LED Silver Metal Christmas Welcome Light

Taking a modern twist on a traditional candle bridge this Konstsmide 2495-900 LED Silver Metal Christmas Welcome Light features a stylish and elegant display of 15 warm white LED bulbs.
£34.64 £32.99

Konstsmide 2540 7 Bulb Wooden Candlestick Light

A contemporary appearance is achieved for this candlestick style Christmas ornament by its crisp shape and bright colour options of red or white
£41.99 £39.99

Konstsmide 2541-100 Natural Wreath Christmas Candle Bridge

The Konstsmide 2541-100 Natural Wreath Christmas Candle Bridge is a wonderful traditionally styled item, which will add charm and character to your festive indoor decorations,
£32.01 £30.49

Konstsmide 2574-510 Contemporary Red Candle Bridge

Bring some ambient lighting to a meal for a festive feel that is highlighted by the Christmas red colouring of this decoration
£68.24 £64.99

Konstsmide 3535-900 LED Brushed Metal Christmas Candlestick

The Konstsmide 3535-900 LED Brushed Metal Christmas Candlestick is a wonderfully contemporary and simplistic design of Christmas decoration. With LED bulbs and brushed metal style
£31.49 £29.99

Konstsmide 3582 Contemporary LED Christmas Candle Bridge

This contemporary Christmas candle bridge displays a wonderful modern take on traditional welcome lights
£43.56 £41.49

Konstsmide 3583 7 Bulb Wooden Candle Bridge Light

Bedecked with 7 bright lights this candle bridge is sure to bring a sense of Christmassy ambience to any home in time for the festive season
£52.49 £49.99

Konstsmide 3586 Contemporary Bulb Candle Bridge

Candle bridges are a classical decoration for the holiday season and this modern incarnation comes with LED bulbs in place of flame
£47.38 £45.12

Konstsmide 3589 Contemporary Grey LED Candle Bridge

A contemporarily style candle bridge with a leaf inspired formation, the bright bulbs used to make is have a life of 50,000 hours
£34.12 £32.50

Konstsmide 3596 7 Bulb Candle Bridge

The traditional candlestick is given new life, the electric candles mean that there will never be an open flame or melting wax which makes it safe
£32.50 £30.95

Konstsmide 3597-760 Black Wooden LED Candle Bridge

This candle bridge comes with stunning and on trend copper decorative details that are placed inbetween each candle stick
£58.21 £55.44