31V Range

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Konstsmide 4800-003 Start-Set 31V LED Connectable System

The Konstsmide LED connectable system is a great way to string together multiple sets of lights all the while only needing one power source
£22.52 £21.45

Konstsmide 4801-003 Transparent 10m Extension Cable

Extend your connectable Christmas lights further down the garden with this Konstsmide transparent 10m extension cable
£12.59 £11.99

Konstsmide 4801-007 10m Black 31v Connectable Extension Cable

Now you can display your lights in those hard to reach places using this Konstsmide 10m Black Connectable Extension Cable
£14.69 £13.99

Konstsmide 4802-003 31V Connectable 2 Way Transparent Split Lead

The Konstsmide 4802-003 31V Connectable Transparent 2 Way Split Lead is to be used with the 31V lighting system
£10.49 £9.99

Konstsmide 4803-000 31V 4-Way Connectable Splitter Plug

£13.64 £12.99

Konstsmide 4806-007 31V Connectable Dimmer Switch

Set the tone of your Christmas lights using this connectable dimmer switch that is made with soft flexible cable with an IP44 rating
£17.05 £16.24

Konstsmide 4810 Connectable 100 LED Fairy Lights

This Konstsmide 4810 31V Connectable 100 LED Fairy Light Set is available ina range of stunning colours to choose from
£24.14 £22.99

Konstsmide 4811 31V 100 LED Icicle Transparent Connectable Light Set

This Konstsmide 100 LED Icicle Transparent Connectable Light Set will make a great addition to your 31V connectable light display
£31.49 £29.99

Konstsmide 4811 Icicle 31V Connectable 100 LED Black Light Set

Line your window frames and gutters with this illuminating Konstsmide 4811 100 LED Icicle 31V Connectable Black Light Set.
£35.16 £33.49

Konstsmide 4813 Black Cable Connectable Net LED Lights

Create ease and effective lighting in and around the home with this Konstsmide 4813 31V Black Connectable 104 LED Net Light Set.
£36.74 £34.99

Konstsmide 4813 Clear Cable Connectable LED Net Lights

This Konstsmide 104 LED Net Light Connectable Set comes with a transparent cable and available in different colours to choose from
£29.39 £27.99

Konstsmide 4814 31V 104 LED Curtain Connectable Light Set

This festive curtain of lights will add a touch of sparkle to the home this Christmas that can be displayed both in and out of the house
£28.34 £26.99

Konstsmide 4825 208 LED Curtain 31V Connectable Black Light Set

This Konstsmide curtain is made up of 208 bright LEDs and it will create stunning illuminated entrances around the home
£62.99 £59.99

Konstsmide 4825 31V 208 LED Curtain Connectable Transparent Light Set

Available in different colours, add a touch of sparkle around the home and garden with this set of curtain lights
£37.75 £35.95

Konstsmide 4850 50 LED 31V Connectable Fairy Light Set with Black Cable

This fairy light set is manufactured from high quality materials that offer up to 50,000 hours worth of light and comes with an IP44 rating
£22.56 £21.49